Rechargeable LED Book Lamp

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Our Rechargeable LED Book Lamp opens a new chapter in home lighting. 

Featuring the classic aesthic of a book, this unique lamp is the perfect complement to a nightstand, office desk, or library.  Simply open to bring a warm ambiance to any room.  The rechargeable USB interface allows this lamp to be taken anywhere.  After use, close the lamp to fold into a slight form factor.  Makes the perfect gift for anyone needing a modern lighting accent for the home or office, especially lovers of books!

  • Portable, sleek minimalistic design that can be taken anywhere
  • Water Resistant, spills are not a problem
  • Quality Design, made from precision laser cut environmentally friendly maple
  • Matches any Decor, available in two finish colors
  • Rechargeable USB interface, 5-8 hours of light per charge
  • Durable, tear-resistant pages for added life
  • Safe, provides beautiful light that is cool to the touch

Add elegant brilliance to any room with our Rechargeable LED Book Lamp.